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We are Lisa and Jess. Wives. Mothers. Soul Sisters.

Lisa is a Wife and a Mum to 3 boys. She shares her breastfeeding journey , navigating life with a teenager and her passion for all things organic {and soy}.

Jess is a Wife, Mum to Olivia and owner of 2 big dogs and a cat. She shares her battle with anxiety and depression, having a strong willed 3 year old and her passion for all things fattening.

We met online in a bridal forum in 2008 while planning our weddings. Needless to say, we had no idea that 8 years later we would be copilots in The Everyday Mums.

In July 2015 we found ourselves pacing up and down the local shopping centre with two exhausted toddlers. With 4 children between us, we were always on the look out for affordable products and activities. Like a lightning bolt we realised that there must be more mothers like us. So Bargain Mum Australia was born.

What initially started as a place to share bargains, has now evolved into a huge community that shares on a variety of topics. Focusing on lifestyle, motherhood, affordable finds, mental health; they believe that sharing their own journeys opens the door to others sharing theirs.

In October 2016 we reincarnated ourselves to become The Everyday Mums, The Everyday Shopper, The Everyday Lifestyle and The Everyday Book Club. We truly have something for everyone1

We are immensely proud of the wonderful community we have built that continues to grow every day.

If you would like to get in touch, ask a question or request our media kit email us at theeverydaymums@gmail.com